Glow Your Own Way with Sal aka The Eyebrow King


Everyone’s favourite eyebrow guru and self-confessed beauty addict Sal, aka The Eyebrow King, joined us to talk about all things tanning – after all, perfect brows + flawless tan are the basis of any winning makeup look! He told us why he loves Vita Liberata and why he uses our Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion to top up his natural glow, find out what he had to say below.

Meet The Glow Team… Megan Rose Lane Makeup Artist


“There is something about having a tan which just makes you feel like you’re glowing…that is really empowering and can make you feel really sexy” We couldn’t agree more Megan!

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Megan Rose Lane joined us as part of our Glow Your Own Way campaign to tell us all about her favourite Vita Liberata products and how her tanning journey has changed since becoming pregnant.

Megan says: “since I found I was pregnant I switched to completely natural and organic skincare 95% of the time”. Her go-to self tanning product, Invisi Foaming Tan Water definitely ticks that box. It’s 96% Organic, 100% transfer free and our darkest tan yet! The best bit? The organic water pumps out as a completely colourless mousse, so you can wear white as soon as you’ve applied it, with no risk of staining your favourite summer outfit.

Meet The GLOW Team…Nadine Baggott Beauty Journalist and Youtuber #GlowYourOwnWay


“A great self tan is like confidence in a bottle” – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Nadine! The one and only Nadine Baggott joined us for our latest campaign to talk about what self tanning means for her.

Health & beauty journalist, presenter and Youtuber, Nadine has a wealth of industry knowledge – so when it comes to self tan, she knows what she’s talking about…

Nadine says “it’s so important to choose a formulation that suits your skin type”.

We’re dedicated to bringing you self tan that’s primarily based around skincare, so that you’re getting nourished AND bronzed skin. Our collection is super versatile; there’s an application type that suits everyone, whether it be in the form of a mousse, lotion, serum, mask or powder.

Keemia Ferasat On Starting Style Saulte | #VLWoman


Keemia Ferasat founded digital media brand Style Salute with digitally-savvymillennial women in mind, giving them a space to visit for content relating to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, career, health and more! We sat down with Keemia to hear about why she decided to start her own business and to learn what the formula is behind her success.

Why did you decide to start Style Salute? I had a vision to create a destination for young women to explore and celebrate their personal style, and that vision of empowering women to be confident and creative has always been at the core of Style Salute. As CEO and founder of Style Salute, my mission is not only to build a disruptive media company but also a distinctive brand for this generation.

So, What Is Advoganic Technology?


We’ve supercharged the organic ingredients in all of our products to give you results that surpass those gained from traditional cosmetic chemicals. We call it Advoganic Technology, you’re welcome.

What is Advoganic technology?

Advoganic Technology combines cutting edge proprietary skin chemistry with highly potent organic botanicals, to fully release their potential, enabling skincare benefits that are vastly superior to those found in formulas using traditional cosmetic chemicals.

Alyson Hogg On What It’s Like Being A Woman At The Top | #VLWoman


Want to know what it’s really like being a woman at the top? We sat down with our founder, Alyson Hogg to find out how and why she decided to start Vita Liberata.

Why did you decide to start Vita Liberata? It started from an idea that maybe I could pull together many benefits into multi-tasking products. That was at the very beginning. After a couple of years, my assistant Cherith asked me to make her a better tan than the one she normally wore. This scared me! Cherith was an amazing young woman, but every morning she would appear in work a rather odd shade of orange. She challenged me to make a better kind of product for her translucently pale skin, and that is essentially where it all started.

Lea Michele Wears Vita Liberata To The Golden Globes 2018


The Golden Globes returns for another year complete with glamour, Hollywood royalty and a powerful message – ‘time’s up’ for sexual harassment, a statement being endorsed by the entertainment industry’s biggest names such as Vita Liberata fan, Lea Michele.

Black was the colour of choice to support the movement, with celebrities honoring victims of abuse, harassment, marginalization and underappreciation. #WhyWeWearBlack.

Lea Michele chose black to show her solidarity, completing the look with a golden Vita Liberata glow!